How to write an essay or research paper in Harvard Style

Do you want to buy an essay? One of the most famous and widely used writing styles is the Harvard Writing Style. It is used by a large number of experts and is recommended to students by their own teachers. There is no complicated or out of context rule that you may not be able to understand. In fact, Harvard referencing style is simpler than the other referencing styles. You just need to keep in mind a few things to buy essay without plagiarism at


Outline of the Harvard Style

An important and one of the best aspects you need to take into consideration is that Harvard style does require you to write a separate title page and a reference page, which are not included toward the total word count of your assignment. You should always make the outline of your essay, find relevant journals and books from your school library, take ideas from them, write everything from scratch, and give credit back to those books and journals using the Harvard style.

Students are expected to use Time New Roman or Arial (12) font in their papers. When you buy your essay online, make sure the font your writer has provided you with is not fancy. It should be simple, understandable and readable. Ideally, Time New Roman is accepted.

Features of this writing style

There are many features of the Harvard writing style, such as:

  • It is liked and accepted by professionals.
  • The guidelines are easy to follow and understandable.
  • It takes you a few minutes to format the paper once the writing is done.
  • You can easily buy essay writing service in this style without any major issue.
  • It is verified by most of the teachers and academic experts who are in the field for years.
  • You can write bulk essays or research papers in this writing style.
  • Most of the colleges and universities support this style as it is not challenging or tricky.
  • It complies with international academic standards.
  • Harvard writing style allows you to follow initial instructions of your teacher and let you in-text the references in a better way.

Harvard writing style in essays

There are different types of essays: persuasive, argumentative, simple essays, personal opinion essays, and others. Luckily, you can get your essay written in Harvard style without compromising on quality. The writer’s name, the title of the institution, year of publication, place of publication and other similar things have to be mentioned in the reference area. If you decide to buy an essay, make sure your writer has taken care of all these points.

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Harvard writing style in research papers

In a research paper, you are required to write an introduction, literature review, methods, discussion, and conclusion. In the Harvard writing style, it becomes easy for you to take care of all these points. Even when you choose to buy essay now, you should make sure that your writer has mentioned all these things in the final product. Ideally, you can go through the research paper yourself and check if these headings are present or not.


When your professor or teacher asks you to provide him with a draft of the paper, make sure the title page and reference page are ready even when the content is yet not completed. If you buy an essay, always ask your writer or academic writing company to take care of these points. You can get good grades in any of your subjects using the Harvard writing style.